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Master The Transition

Master the Transition Insights for military considering transition to the private sector!
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    ISBN: 978-0-9963387-0-7

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"Master The Transition" Features

Passion is often overlooked or not thought about when seeking a career change

But is an important factor to evaluate by each of us in order to Master the Transition. In this powerful and straightforward collection, Robert Gowin shares information on how the skills, knowledge, and experiences you’ve gained from the military can transfer to the private sector. He understands the challenges military face when transitioning and will provide information on how to overcome them when armed with the right knowledge. Robert’s approach is to provide you with the tools you’ll need to achieve success through his own personal experience as a former Army career counselor and successful hiring manager and executive following his own separation from the military. His counsel has helped many achieve their success.

About The Author

Mr. Robert Gowin Published Author

Robert Gowin is a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant (E8) that witnessed firsthand the challenges transitioning military experience during separation. After many years in the private sector, he wanted to give back and share his knowledge with those struggling with this tough decision and let them know that they can be successful when they are prepared. Within the private sector, Robert has worked in management consulting, in strategic operational management and operational excellence within a life sciences company, and most recently as an executive within a division of a Fortune 500 healthcare company where he was one of 27 associates selected by the executive leadership team to participate in an elite 18-month executive program recognizing the top 10 percent. He has always enjoyed mentoring others and helping them reach their maximum potential. He was raised in Florida and now resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

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Passion is often overlooked

In this powerful and straightforward collection Robert Gowin shares information on how the skills gained in the military can transfer to the private sector